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APPAREL - A Faye Wong Site


Bvlgari - Faye Wong Scenic Tour Press Conference

Faye's whopping Bvlgari watch cost a bomb! But again, an exquisite watch to match an equally exquisite woman.

Faye's Mask

Faye wore this really cool mask like fence during her concerts! She usually used it during this songs, Cold War, One Person Two Roles and Merely Appeased! I find it just way way too cool.... Especially when the stones glitter in the light! Can faint!

Faye with her Wings

Faye with her Wings
Faye's dainty wings looks so cool. I wonder where she bought them. It looks so fun and playful isn't it?


Sammi Cheng's Acupuncture Shoes
Faye's ultra trendy Acupuncture Shoes! Some interesting fact about the shoes is that their soles sometimes can contain some explicit material. I find it just so cool. Faye wore this pair of shoes quite often usually for promotional stints, TV shows and award performances! I think they look really really good on her especially with the painted jeans, (another one of my favorites!)

Nike Air Max 95

Tong Tong's Nikes

Red Column : Faye's super duper cool Air Max 95! Very sought after by the Fayenatics and the hip.. get your pair! Not because Faye wore it but because it's so comfortable, you'll want to walk to your destination no matter what! But Faye's version, the light pale shade of green, is the first version. It cost a bomb back then, close to S$400! Now the later versions, comes in these colors - pink, yellow, green! But beware of replicas of this shoe! Nike did not release any of them in blue, orange or any other shade... It's much more affordable now, costing around $239! But try to buy them in not so well known shops so that you can haggle with the price! I did.

Black Column : Tong Tong's cute Nikes! The shoes got to be so small.. Hahhahaha.. and so CUTE!

Red Leather Slippers

Red Leather SlippersRed Leather Slippers

Bring Me Home!Opulent Avant Garde LookExtreme coolness! Faye only wore this strange pair of slippers only twice I think! One is for her performance when she sang An Easily Hurt Woman and Boredom.. This pair appeared in the album credits of Faye Wong 97 Album!The slippers looks so dainty and almost fairy like!If any of you people out there, have any idea who is the designer of the slippers, do email me! And anyone can send in their faves...