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Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester - Fall 99

Ann Demeulemeester Sping Summer 1997

Century.Loneliness MTV 1999

Bored MTV

Comments : Faye looks so Björk during the ending of Century.Loneliness MTV! Confirmed that the dress she wore in that MTV is a Demeulemeester! I like it much better on Faye maybe its due to the fact that the leather's texture looks better with Faye's glorious raven locks! And she also wore a Demeulemeester for her Boredom MTV! Again I think it looks much better on Faye as the model looks quite androgynous!

Nationality Belgian.
Born in Courtrai, Belgium in 1954
Company formed in 1987
First collection shown in London in 1987
Collections have been shown in Paris since 1991

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