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bless d'mop

Groucho Marx Styled Brows

The Weirdest Skirt

Bring Me Home!Comments :The first feathery eyebrow look is so cool... And you guys should have seen the skirt she wore during the Jade Solid Gold performance.. wah it looks like an accordion, I think the skirt must have been a Martin Margiela because it looks just too weird...

FAYE Wong's black feather eyebrows caused a bit of a stir at a recent music awards ceremony. The Groucho Marx-styled brows evoked curiosity from fans and casual media observers alike. But the mystery behind the furry creation came to light when the makers, BLESS, a fashion-lifestyle concept by two designers-artists, Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag, who gave Faye the feathered look, had an exhibition at the weekend at the D-Mop store in Central. The show was organized by Wong's stylist Titi Kwan, who mounted the collection of off-beat clothing, accessories and furniture for the adventurous. The exclusive opening eclipsed the exhibition as celebrities such as models Maggie Q, Daniel Wu, pop stars Eason Chan and Faye Wong came along to party. Also among the guests was make-up artist Zing, known for his work with Wong, Sammi Cheng and a host of Canto-pop stars, who donned a BLESS fur-wig from Martin Margiela's 1997/98 winter collection. The team of Heiss and Kaag, design graduates from Vienna and Hanover, first met in December 1993. Their first BLESS effort emerged two years later with a Sun-Top, where luminous elastic strips are sewn together into a fitted top. Boot Socks is officially the first commercial item made available for the BLESS collection. A denim and leather covering which recalls the dreaded leg-warmers from the early '80s, it bears few similarities to its woolen counterparts. The socks are worn over stilettos to add a touch of style to the neglected body part. With the idea that BLESS is not purely products, but more of an ideology, Heiss and Kaag set their sights to create multi-purpose objects for the modern world. Although the disposable T-shirts are meant to be worn then thrown away, these simple gray tissue-paper tops are now worth a mint in Japan among avid collectors. There are also the black holdall bags which also can be worn. Expanding their concepts to home furnishings and coverings they have cushions made from dyed recycled jeans, and a simple but elegant white covering for a household chair which would tastefully fit in almost any home. The BLESS beauty products include those feathered eyebrows and a whole collection of other facial accessories worn with the aid of transparent elastics. Some are weird and flamboyant and require a bit of audacity to be worn in public, while others are more casually chic. The crowning glory of the collection are their customizable footwear, shrink-wrapped packs of do-it-yourself shoes available in striking magenta, red, cyan and black. Charles Jourdan and New Balance assisted with the creation, as the stamped soles by these brands are laminated onto a square of colorful fabric. Each pack features a pair of the sporty trainers, and evening stilettos. The wearers create their own styles by cutting the fabric and shaping around their feet by moistening the fabric. There are also bandages to create that special ballet-shoe look. With only a limited edition of 200 available worldwide, these will soon be seen on your favorite pop star. The wit and humor continues with BLESS' latest as they venture further into the industrial design arena. Working with designer Markus Wente, the team has created a pair of direction indicators. The simple silver elastic bracelets, one for each wrist, carry a etched aluminum tag with ``L'' and ``R'' as a reminder of which way's which. A fashion essential, this is a survival item for the millennium. At the very least, it also comes in handy as an indicator of your political persuasion.