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APPAREL - A Faye Wong Site

Alessandro Dell'Acqua

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Fall 1999

Alessandro Dell'Acqua - Fall Ready To Wear 1999

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Fall 98

J-Phone Brochure

Faye Wong - Award Ceremony 1999

Faye Wong - 1998

Bring Me Home!Comments : I am beginning to think that Faye really likes wearing Dell'Acqua! She wore another one for the J-Phone brochure! Faye wore the leather frilled top for one of the award ceremonies! She does look really cool. Faye wore this pink variation of the Dell'Acqua top to Taiwan when she held her promotion stints for Songs of Wanderlust. She also wore it to some award shows! Well I think she really looks really sweet and at the same time sexy in this saucy number!

Credits : Anita C. for the Alessandro Dell'Acqua information bit.