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erik halley

Feathery Concoction

Bring Me Home!Comments : For those who missed the Hong Kong concerts or any Faye Scenic Tours, you people have missed the video footage of her in the set wearing the Erik Halley head gear and a black dress! She looks so cool. So the pictures above are actually a full big picture, and the image and graphic stylists cuts up the picture, focusing on certain aspects such as the head gear and her wonderful slipper.

Since 1994, Erik Halley has given prestige to what was, until then, an accessory for the Lido Girls : rooster, pheasant, heron, kingfisher or birds of paradise feathers became necklaces, bracelets or brooches. With strass, notched, lacquered, engraved, Erik Halley's feathers sat alongside crab claws, snake chains or crystal pearls to become surrealistically, always poetically, unique jewellery. After studying at ESMOD and collaborating with different styling offices, he imposed his fabulous feathered accessories. Kenzo awarded Erik Halley a grant in 1997 that allowed him to continue his research in the creation of other accessories for hair and the man's universe. Today, the workshop has four people working in it, and have already made accessories for over 50 shows, of which those of Jeremy Scott, Christian Lacroix, Chanel, Thierry Mugler, Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan.... Last January, this dabbler, who counts as his clients David Bowie, Iman and.... Joan Collins, organized an exhibition: "Shoe Realism", dedicated to Elsa Schiaparelli where he set up, with an attitude, accessory shoes and jewelry. More recently, Piaget has given Erik 2 watch models for styling. At 29 years old, his project is to organize an Erik Halley show to earn his stripes as an all but accessory designer.