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jeremy scott

Soleless Heel

Gauze Cape

Hong Kong Scenic Tour Concert

Hong Kong Scenic Tour Concerts

Comments : I really liked the soleless heels Faye wore during the concerts! She looks just so much statuesque in the wrap around heels together with the black skirt (which until now I yet to know which designer it is). She really looked good simple with added details, such as the black webbing. I like the gauze "poncho" Faye wore during the concert too... It looks really nice.

Bring Me Home!Björk's Angel Dress....Björk's angel dress might be the first we mortals have spotted of Jeremy Scott's creations, but the fashion elite has been buzzing about him for months. Winner of the "Best Young Designer" Venus a la Mode award, the 25-year-old Kansas native has been nicknamed "designer of the year 2000."

Despite his American roots, Scott is opposed to clean American fashion. His designs are anything but classic, dripping with slashed leather, raccoon tails and diagonal hemlines. It is hard to imagine them very wearable ­ last year's spring collection included tank tops with armholes at the hips ­ but fashion magazines like Elle and The Face have taken notice, and their features have brought him attention.

But Scott cultivates most of the attention himself. Be it S&M photos, masked models or fashion clad aliens, Scott always has an outrageous way to show his designs. Last year he set up "20/20 Vision" ­ a photography and painting exhibition showing 20 artist's interpretations of his collection, where he schmoozed with the crowd, sporting gold fangs embossed with his name. Another collection, called "Rampage," was exhibited and photographed on alien mannequins and corpses stuffed in car trunks.

When he's not dabbling in conceptual art, Scott is usually being courted by design houses. He was Donatella's first choice for the coveted Versace contract. When Deborah Milner beat him out, Ricci immediately began eyeing him. We'll keep our eyes open.

People need to push each other, inspire each other. Push creativity. We have something new to say. We don't want the same shit. "